About Us


DOT IT institute for advanced training offer several courses that will help you to reach your destination. Our programs are created in collaboration with corporate resources and industry subject-matter experts. Our facilities enable us to impart industry-specific training that is both relevant and educational. We are committed to provide the best quality corporate training based on your requirements. We emphasize on providing the perfect ambience for our students. A creative infrastructure in hands with par excellent competitive edge is our feature that will mould a smart brain and enable them to achieve extraordinary results.


DOT IT – INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED TRAINING is prominent in the community for its unique culture of moral and academic excellence. The Academy's challenging classical curriculum results in competent and compassionate students with the ability to reason and articulate

DOT IT – INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED TRAINING welcomes parents as full partners in the education of their children. All members of the Academy community cooperate in maintaining the Academy's commitment to high moral, behavioural, and academic standards.


DOT IT – INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED TRAINING provides high-quality, flexible, individualized educational experiences in a safe, technology-enabled learning environment to empower students to achieve their academic and personal goals.