What is Creative Directing

Creative directors work in Graphic designing, film, Video game, fashion, Advertising media, or entertainment industry. They are the creative leads at advertising and marketing companies. They work with artists, copy writers, designers, sales team and marketers to put across a message. They head the creative process and give leadership to the creative team. He/she plays a vital role in today’s industry helping to put across a message to the target audience.

Scope of Creative Directing

A creative director can work in advertising and other promotional campaigns. They may work in-house and report to the Directors of the company. They will lead the team and negotiate with clients. They are the head of the team and keep clients reported on trends in the industry. They play a vital role by leading projects from conception to completion. They evaluate and alter content and hence are highly responsible and a leader. Creative directors are highly paid and are much sought after.

About Course

Course Name: Master in Interior Designing & Creative Directing
Duration: 12 Months – 9 Months course and 3 Months Internship


Semester 1 – Drawing & Draughting (Duration 3 Months)
Semester 2 – Modeling & Sketching (Duration 3 Months)
Semester 3 – Designing, Editing & Shooting (Duration 3 Months)
Semester 4 – Internship (Duration 3 Months)

Student’s Testimonials