What is Interior Designing

Interior designing is all about special designing and functional utilization of available space to create an environment that is sustainable and efficient meeting the requirement of the persons utilizing and occupying the space available to the maximum necessity and comfort of the inhabitants making a good effort to provide comfort and ease.

Scope Of Interior Designing
Interior designers work to provide maximum utilization of space in institutions thus being space designers. They can also work as exhibition designers. They work in work place designing. They design habitats and places of occupation as well as residential units.


How the 1000 Kitchens will effect on DOT IT

Industry oriented training
Work Practice
Own Site Visits
Chances to get Placement is high
Internship facility at our own company

2. How much hands on experience will I get?

We believe in this quote, “Some people look for a beautiful place, others make it”. We let you make it all by yourself, learn it all with a touch of adventure and give you all that you need to gain the experience to become a good interior designer. Make it and be it

3. Does the school offer intensive and inclusive Technology based design education?

By now you would know that technology and creative execution are inseparable in interior designing. We take this a little seriously at DOT IT and have provided a fully equipped design lab with the most advanced design software.

4. What’s the promise on placement?

We are a good professional school, only if we make a professional out of you! Indeed, the placement assistance being offered is one thing that made DOT IT stand out among its peers in Kerala. Here are some of the highlights of our placement track record.

About Course

Course Name: Master in Interior Designing & visual Directing
Duration: 12 Months – 9 Months course and 3 Months Internship


Semester 1 – Drawing & Draughting (Duration 3 Months
Semester 2 – Modeling & Sketching (Duration 3 Months)
Semester 3 – Designing, Editing & Shooting (Duration 3 Months)
Semester 4 – Internship (Duration 3 Months)

Student’s Testimonials